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Jane Wieldin was the sexy sultry guitarist and high-voiced backing vocalist and guitarist of The Go-Go's (the soprano voice on the bridge of their hit "Our Lips Are Sealed" was Jane). She was also one of the founding forces of that all-girl 80s supergroup... But as the growing personal conflicts between Go-Go's grew, Jane was the first Go-Go to "go-go", leaving the band in 1984.

Jane was also the first Go-Go to record a solo album and the only one to do so without any assistance from any of her former bandmates (Charlotte Caffey figured prominently in Belinda Carlisle's solo album -- even Jane sang back up on one cut). The LP scored a minor hit with the tune "Blue Kiss."

Jane Wiedlin, circa 1987 Sexy Jane has always been Mr. Bill's favorite Go-Go (with Gina and Kathy running a very close second & third)! And Mr. Bill is in good company -- Sparks' Russell Mael was so infatuated, he actually asked Jane to marry him! But wedding bell-shy Jane declined, opting instead to collaborate with Sparks on the minor hit "Cool Places", (Atlantic Records) pictured at right... Cover of 12inch version of 
Sparks' 'Cool Places' collaboration with Jane Wiedlin.

Overall sales for the LP were less than expected and Jane soon found herself without a label, joining drummer Gina Schock in the ranks of the unsigned "post-Go-Go's." It would be three more years before she found herself another deal at another label, releasing the LPs FUR(1988) and TANGLED(1990) on EMI's Manhattan Label. Sales were lackluster on these subsequent non-IRS releases, despite the international bestseller, "Rush Hour" from FUR. In 1993, EMI released THE VERY BEST OF JANE WIEDLIN, featuring selections from all three solo LPs. Jane also rejoined her former bandmates for two reunions in 1990 and 1995 (and again in 2000, but we'll get to that in a moment)...

In 1996 Jane formed Frosted, a punky pop guitar-driven band that was all but ignored by fans and the record industry. Now, after five years, Jane is delivering a "double whammy" to fans -- A brand new solo album on her own label (Painful Discs) that is more mature and shows absolute growth as an artist... AND A new Go-Go's studio album, thanks in part to the terrific response on their 2000 tour with the B-52s and a VH1 Special...

She also has had a minor acting career with roles including Joan of Arc in BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, a telegram girl in CLUE and a minor role in the best Star Trek film, STAR TREK IV, THE VOYAGE HOME. She's also active as a voice-over artist lending her talents to PINKY & THE BRAIN, KING OF THE HILL, BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, the WB's 20-something animation show MISSION HILL and the newest animated incarnation of SCOOBY-DOO...


This discography will cover only JANE WIEDLIN's recordings for I.R.S. Records. Recordings for other labels, other recordings, solo recordings and guest appearances, may be mentioned in the biography or discography, but details can be found by visiting some of the cool links for JANE WIEDLIN, below...

Albums & EPs

IRS 5638 (Released 1985)

Vinyl, Cassette & CD

Produced by George Massenburg, Bill Payne and Russ Kunkel for FilmRocks
(except * Produced by Vince Ely)
Recorded & Mixed by George Massenburg at The Complex
(except * Recorded and Mixed by Paul Lani at One on One Studios (and Capitol Studios, cut 6))
Engineering Assistance by Sharon Rice (cuts 1, 3, 9-11), Jeffery Bennett (cuts 2, 4, 6-8), Bino Espinoza (cuts 2 & 8), John Ingoldsby (cut 2), Daren Klien (cut 2 & 4), Lori Funar (cuts 2, 6 & 8), Bill Youdelman (cut 5), Steve Himmelfarb (cut 6) and Richard McKernan (cut 7)
Additional Mixing & Recording by Richard McKernan at Soundcastle (cuts 2 & 8) and Conway Recording (cut 2, 4 & 6); Csaba Petrosz at Conway Recording ( cuts 2, 4 & 7); Brian Reeves at Oasis Studios (cuts 6 & 8); Mick Guzauski at Conway Recording (cut 7)
Album Coordination by Gloria Boyce
Cover Photos by Karen Filter
Black & White Photo by Eric Blum
Make-Up by Maureen Burke
Mastered by Steve Marcussen at Precision Laquer
Management by Peter Asher Management

Vocals: Jane Wiedlin
Guitars: Jane Wiedlin (cuts 1, 2, 4, 10 & 11), Dann Huff (2, 6-8), Chris Sheehan (2, 6-8), Jimmy Amason (4), Eric Williams (8), Mike Landau (9 & 10), Billy Zoom (10)
Drums & percussion: Russ Kunkel (cuts 1, 3, 5 & 9-11), Steve George (cut 2), Vince Ely (cuts 2, 4 & 7) and Craig Kampf (cuts 6-8)
Bass: Randy Jackson (1, 9 & 10), Brad Hallen (2, 6-8)
Keyboards & Synths: Bill Payne (1, 3, 5, 9-11), Richard Gibbs (2, 4 & 6), Vince Ely (8) and Brian Reeves (8)
Saxaphone: Benjamin Bossi (2 & 7)
Tamborine: Paul Lani (2)
Sitar: Jimmy Amason (4), Dann Huff (6)
Howls on cut 5: Dogboy McPherson
Saz, Tambur, Fiddle & Pennywhistle on cut 11: David Lindley
Japanese Translation on cut 4: Junko Jones
Background Vocals: jane Wiedlin (all cuts except 11), Randell Kirsch (1 & 10), Christine Birk (2), Betty Joyce (2), Brian Stillwell (2), Peter Wade (2), Alitzah Weiner (2), Bill Payne (10), Craig Fuller (11)

Track Listing:

  1. Blue Kiss (Kirsch/Wiedlin) 3:27
  2. Goodbye Cruel World (Wiedlin/Lord) 3:49 *
  3. Sometimes You Really Get On My Nerves (Wiedlin/Lord) 3:36
  4. East Meets West (Wiedlin) 3:36 *
  5. Somebody's Going To Get Into This House (Kirsch) 3:43
  6. Forever (Wiedlin/Lord) 5:08 *
  7. Modern Romance (Wiedlin/Kieffer) 5:15 *
  8. I Will Wait For You (Hunter) 3:47 *
  9. One Hundred Years Of Solitude (Wiedlin) 4:43
  10. Where Can We Go (Wiedlin/Hunter) 4:12
  11. My Travelling Heart (Wiedlin) 4:07


52674 Sleeve "Blue Kiss"/"My Travelling Heart"
IRS-52674 (Released 1985)

Produced by George Massenburg, Bill Payne and Russ Kunkel for FilmRocks
Recorded & mixed by: George Massenburg
Sleeve Photos by: Karen Filter

Vocals: Jane Wiedlin
(For all other musicians, see album credits above.)


Compilations & Soundtracks

BEDROOM SUPPLEMENT (no number) includes "Blue Kiss" and "Modern Romance"
IRS GREATEST HIPS, VOL 4 (13096) includes "Blue Kiss"


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