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Canada's Payola$ were one of the earliest punk acts to come out of Canada. But they didn't quite fit the "punk mold" for very long. British ex-pat Paul Hyde met Canadian rocker Bob Rock, turning him on to the new music eminating from Paul's homeland in 1979. They soon recorded "China Boys" for their own Slophouse Records and the single garnered reasonable airplay in the college markets and sold well for an indy release. After another indy release A&M Records of Canada signed the band releasing a four-song EP comprising the four tunes from these two singles. The US parent A&M declined a US release and I.R.S. snagged US release rights for their new "Mini-LP" line -- an extremely short-lived format consisting of 7-inch 33 and a third LPs. Their debut LP, In A Place Like This, followed in 1981.

After Payola$ started winning Junos and other Canadian music awards, the US A&M exercised an option they held with I.R.S.. With their second full-length LP in 1982, No Stranger To Danger, US Payola$ releases were on A&M but carried the I.R.S. imprint as well (A&M did likewise with Oingo Boingo).

Payola$, circa 1981
Payola$ circa 1981. L to R: Taylor Nelson Little, Paul Hyde, Lee Kelsey, Lawrence Wilkins and Bob Rock.

Line up changes and difficulty getting airplay in the US plagued the band as they continued recording and touring to 1985. A&M blamed the band's name (based on a "play for pay" scandal notorious in US radio in the late 50's). Payola$ blamed A&M for lack of support. However, by the time of their final release (1985's Here's The World For Ya) Rock and Hyde gave in to the label, changing the band's name from Payola$ to Paul Hyde and the Payolas, changing the "$" into an "S" and reducing the band name to a font size practically microscopic next to Hyde's name. The LP was produced by pop wunderkind David Foster who was supposedly directed by A&M to deliver a hit LP and change the band's musical direction -- or else! Unfortunately the name change and hit producer weren't enough and the band was dropped by A&M and the band itself split in 1986.

Despite the split, Hyde and Rock continued their songwriting partnership and even released a collabartive LP Under The Volcano as Rock & Hyde for Capitol Records. Though critically well-received and garnering moderate airplay for the single "Dirty Water" Bob Rock and Paul Hyde went their separate ways in 1988. Paul Hyde continues as a solo performer having released and album as recently as 2000. But it is Bob Rock who went on to become a major force in rock and pop music, mainly as a producer and recording engineer for such bands as Motley Crew, Bon Jovi, Metallica, The Cult, Aerosmith, The Cranberries and his own band Rockhead.

A&M of Canada issued a "hits" collection a few years after the split entitled Between A Rock & A Hyde Place - The Best of Payola$ and in 2002, Universal (now owners of A&M released a collection duplicating may of the same tracks and adding material licensed from Capitol from the Rock & Hyde LP.


This discography will cover only PAYOLA$' recordings for I.R.S. Records. Recordings for other labels, other recordings, solo recordings and guest appearances, may be mentioned in the biography or discography, but details can be found by visiting some of the cool links for PAYOLA$, below...

Albums & EPs

IR7701 Debut EP, Canadian version INTRODUCING PAYOLA$
IRS IR7701 (Released 8 September 1980)

Vinyl Only.

Produced by Bob Rock with Payola$
Recorded & Mixed by Dave Slagter & Bob Rock
Assisted by Ron Obvious$
Recorded at Little Mountain Sound Company, January 1980
Sleeve Design (US release only) by Carl Grasso
Liner Notes (Canadian release only) by Tom Harrison
Art Direction by David Andoff
Photos by UFT Studios and Natasha Moric
Special Thanks to: Pat Glover, Ian Tiles, Marty Higgs and Penny

Paul Hyde lead vocals
Bob Rock guitar
Gary Middleclass bass & "mirage" saxaphone
Taylor Nelson Little drums
"Everybody Sings, Everybody Plays Organ"

Track Listing:

  1. China Boys (Hyde/Rock) 3:19
  2. TNT (Hyde) 2:27
  3. Rose (Hyde) 4:25
  4. Jukebox (Hyde/Rock) 2:46

From Tom Harrison's liner notes on the Canadian A&M release (SP23500) pictured at the right above):
Figuring prominently in Vancouver's new wave, Payola$ first recorded "China Boys" in the summer of '79 and released 1000 copies on Slophouse Records. The ridiculously upbeat song about the Westernization of The People's Republic, with it's irreverent Oriental motif proved irresistable and became an underground favourite, setting new standards of production for local "basement" recording.
Payola$ have done additional production work on "China Boys." Their A&M debut also includes "Rose", "TNT " and "Jukebox ." Their influences range from Bill Nelson to Stockhausen but Payola$ revolve around a love of rock music.

SP 70017 (Released 28 July 1981)

Vinyl only.

Produced by Bob Rock
Recorded by Dave Slagter
Mixed by Dave Slagter & Bob Rock at Little Mountain Sound Company
(Special thanks to Paul Hyde for the odd ride)
Recorded at Le Studio (Quebec) & Little Mountain Sound Company (Vancouver)
Additional Engineering by Roger Monk
Assisted by Robbie Whelan & Mike Fraser
Live Sound/One Man Road Crew Laird Doyle
Art Direction, Photography & hand tinting by James O'Mara
Assisted by John MastroMonaco
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound
Alphabetical Thanks: Air Canada, All the people who wrote to us, Andre & Yeal, Bill Ward, Bob Brooks, Bullfrog Studios, Everyone at The Edge, Larry Flader, Gary Middleclass, Mick Rock, Nick "Precious" Bologna, Nino, Randy Low, Robbie & Roger, Ron Obvious, Rupert Neve, The Russian Mens Choir Of Vancouver (John Doe, Richard Reverb, Chris Taylor, John "Cleese" Vrtacic, Rafael "Barcelona" Daudet, Peter Helliwell, Dave Slagter, Roger Monk, Doug Colwell and Steve Johnston), The Two Gary's and Willy Studer
Paul Hyde would like to thank Paul Nelson for being there
Most Thanks to Loved Ones and Mates
Special Thanks to Dave Slagter

Paul Hyde lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Bob Rock guitars, vocals
Lawrence Wilkins bass
Lee Kelsey keyboards, vocals
Taylor Nelson Little drums
Additional Musicians:
Jim Lenis steel drums on cut #4
Nancy Nash female vocals
Dave Slagter tambourine
Strings arranged & conducted by Peter Bjerring

Track Listing:

  1. In A Place Like This (Hyde) 3:56
  2. I'm Sorry (Rock/Hyde) 3:00
  3. Jukebox (Rock/Hyde) 3:12
  4. Whiskey Boy (Rock/Hyde) 2:15
  5. Good Job (Rock/Hyde) 3:18
  6. You Can't Walk Away (Rock/Hyde) 3:24
  7. Too Shy To Dance (Rock/Hyde) 3:12
  8. Hot Tonight (Rock/Hyde) 3:57
  9. Female Hands (Hyde) 4:15
  10. Comfortable (Hyde) 2:45
  11. China Boys (Rock/Hyde) 3:19
Review Coming Soon!!!

A&M SP 4908 (Released 1982)

Vinyl & Cassette

Produced by Mick Ronson
Recorded by Bob Rock, Roger Monk and Mike Fraser
Assisted by Laird Doyle, Johnny Q and Jeffrey Hendrickson
Recorded & Mixed At Little Mountain Sound (Vancouver)
Cuts 1-3 & 8 mixed atTHe Power Station, New York
Mastered by Howie Weinburg at Masterdisc, New York
Art Direction David Andoff
Front Cover Photo Matthew Wiley
Cover Concept Bob Rock
Thanks in no particular order to: Agnes, Bob Brooks, Andy & John Deruyter, Drums Only, Peter Bjerring, John & Vicky, Terry & Bill and everyone at Rockspace RIP, Ron Obvious, Bill Lewis Music, Iron Music, Long & McQuade Music, Griff, Howie and all the guys upstairs, Michael & Gerry, Everyone at Petticoat Lane Restaurant, Point Roberts for the best food & beer in the West, Bruce Allen, Mike Coady and The Frase That Pays. A very special thanks for everything to Mick Ronson
Paul Hyde wishes to thank Paul Nelson for being there
Decicated to Alex Harvey, who passed away while this album was being recorded

Paul Hyde lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Bob Rock guitars, vocals (piano on cut 2 & 5)
Lawrence Wilkins bass
Mick Ronson keyboards, vocals
Christopher Taylor drums
Additional Musicians:
Trish Hawkins female voice on cut #3
Headpins, Dave Slagter, Pat Glover and the dog Background vocals on cut #6
Howie Vickers Background vocals on cut #11

Track Listing:

  1. Romance (Rock/Hyde) 3:23
  2. Eyes Of A Stranger (Rock/Hyde) 4:54
  3. Some Old Song (Rock/Hyde) 3:37
  4. Rose (Hyde) 3:59
  5. Hastings Street (Rock/Hyde) 4:59
  6. Youth (Rock/Hyde) 4:17
  7. Lights To Change (Rock/Hyde) 2:27
  8. Mystery To Me (Rock/Hyde) 3:04
  9. Pennies Into Gold (Rock/Hyde) 3:06
  10. Screaming (Rock/Hyde) 4:09
  11. Rockers (Rock/Hyde) 2:46

Review coming Soon!

A&M SP 4958 (Released 1983)

Vinyl & Cassette

Produced by Mick Ronson with Payola$
Engineered by Bob Rock and Mike Fraser
Mixed by Bob Rock at Little Mountain Sound (Vancouver)
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisc, New York
Art Direction & Design David Andoff
Front cover photo of Paul Hyde Matthew Wiley
Back cover photos & hand coloring Dennis Keeley & Carol LeFlufy
Thanks to: Mike Grieve at Keye Studios, Ray Ayotte and Drums Only, Sally Zildjian & Sabian Cymbals, Pauls Music, Sennheiser, Kim Gardner and everyone at the Cat & Fiddle in LA (burp!), Everyone at Petticoat Lane Restaurant, Point Roberts (still the best in the West), Lars Sorenson, Fox and Fleuvog, Beau Hill. A very special thanks for everything to Mick Ronson
Paul Hyde wishes to thank Paul Nelson for being there
Decicated to Alex Harvey, who passed away while this album was being recorded

Paul Hyde lead vocals
Bob Rock guitars
Christopher Livingston keyboards
Chris Taylor drums
Additional Musicians:
Mick Ronson background vocals & additional keyboards
Barry Muir bass
Bruce Fairbairn bugle
Carole Pope female voice on cut #5
Ian Hunter, Carole Pope, Tommy Mandel, Dennis Keeley & David McMorrow background vocals

Track Listing:

  1. I'll Find Another (Who Can Do It Right) (Rock/Hyde) 3:37
  2. Where Is This Love (Rock/Hyde) 5:54
  3. Wild West (Rock/Hyde) 3:11
  4. Perhaps Some Day (Rock/Hyde) 3:30
  5. Never Said I Loved You (Rock/Hyde) 3:18
  6. No Prisoners (Rock/Hyde) 5:16
  7. Christmas Is Coming (Rock/Hyde) 3:40
  8. I Am A City (Rock/Hyde) 5:09
  9. Hungry (Rock/Hyde) 4:10
  10. People Who Have Great Lives (Rock/Hyde) 2:26

Review coming Soon!

A&M SP 5025 (Released 1985)

Vinyl & Cassette

Produced by David Foster
Recorded & Mixed by Bob Rock at Little Mountain Sound (Vancouver)
Second Engineer Mike Fraser
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, New York
Art Direction & Design Quantum
Photography by Tom Zimberoff
Thanks to: Alex Lifeson, Bill Henderson, Art Bergman, Mike Reno, Yamaha Instruments, Sterling Imports Ltd. (Hiwatt), E.T., Randy Berswick and Bryan Adams for the guitar hook.

Paul Hyde vocals
Bob Rock guitars
Alex "A-Train" Boynton bass
Chris Taylor drums
Additional Musicians:
David Foster & Christopher Livingston keyboards
Richard Marx, Paul Janz, Henri Lorieau, Sugar Jones, Mark Lafrance, Todd Smallwood & David Foster background vocals
Christopher Allen harmonica
Mark Rousseau saxaphone
Steve Porcaro synth programming
Jerry Hey horn arrangements

Track Listing:

  1. Stuck In The Rain (Rock/Hyde) 3:50
  2. You're The Only Love (Rock/Foster/Hyde/Nelson) 4:08
  3. It Won't Be You (Rock/Hyde/Foster/Adams/Vallance) 4:13
  4. Cruel Hearted Lovers (Rock/Hyde/Nelson) 4:24
  5. It Must Be Love (Rock/Hyde/Nelson) 4:38
  6. Little Boys (Rock/Hyde) 4:28
  7. All That I Want (Rock/Hyde) 4:06
  8. Here's The World (Rock/Foster/Hyde/Nelson) 4:27
  9. Rhythm Slaves (Rock/Hyde) 4:28
  10. Never Leave This Place (Rock/Hyde) 4:10

Review coming Soon!


AM 2438S "Eyes Of A Stranger"/"Pennies From Heaven"
A&M 2438S (Released 1982)

Produced by Mick Ronson

Review coming Soon!

A&M SP 17251 "Where Is This Love (edited and LP versions)"/"I'll Find Another (Who Can Do It Right)"
A&M SP17251 (Released 1983)


Produced by Mick Ronson with Payola$

Review coming Soon!

AM 2589S "Christmas Is Coming"/"I'll Find Another (Who Can Do It Right)"
AM 2589S (Released 1983)

Produced by Mick Ronson with Payola$

Review coming Soon!

A&M SP12084 "Christmas Is Coming"/"I'll Find Another (Who Can Do It Right)"
A&M SP 12084 (Released 1982)

12" Green Vinyl

Produced by Mick Ronson with Payola$
Cover Design Quantum
Photography by Charles Reilly

Review coming Soon!

AM 2733 "You're The Only Love"/"Eyes Of A Stranger"
AM 2733 (Released 1985)

Produced by David Foster
B-Side Produced by Mick Ronson with Payola$

Review coming Soon!

AM 2761 "It Must Be Love"/"Little Boys"
AM 2761 (Released 1985)

Produced by David Foster

Review coming Soon!

Compilations & Soundtracks

IRS GREATEST HITS, VOL 1 (IRS SP70950) includes "China Boys" side 1, cut 1
IRS GREATEST HITS, VOLS 2 & 3 (IRS SP70800) includes "Jukebox" side 3, cut 5


Here are a few websites devoted to the PAYOLA$, Bob Rock or Paul Hyde...

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