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Mr Bill hatched in the summer of 1960... it seemed as good a time as any to venture forth! Nurtured under the pale light of a parochial school and then the inadequate light of the L.A. Public School system, in 1968 Mr Bill found his first undying passion: Filmmaking. In 1972, feeling the need to play music with his 8mm epics of hamsters, and animated globs of clay, he discovered the Tijuana Brass and A&M Records. This led to his second undying passion: Record Collecting. (Well, any collecting, actually... You name it, he probably does or has collected it!) In 1979, as he was joining the Navy, Mr Bill was turned on to "new wave" music by a bookstore co-worker. While browsing the special section at a local "WhereHouse" for this "new" music invading our culture, Mr Bill discovered a way to collect both A&M and this wonderful music -- by way of the A&M-distributed I.R.S. Records! Through the 80's, Film School and a couple more Navy tours, Mr Bill amassed a collection of records that would astonish the average record buyer. Here's a picture of your humble webmeister with a small portion of his vast I.R.S. collection...

Mr Bill & a little I.R.S. stuff

Mr Bill was working as a multimedia specialist with one of San Diego's largest legal video service companies when he was recalled to duty to document recovery efforts after a submarine collided with a fishing boat off the coast of Hawaii. This "leave of absence" from the legal video position was extended for another six months, where his travels have included Australia, Hawaii, the South Pacific, Europe, the Middle-East, Japan, the Korean Penninsula, in the air, on the land and under the sea. Mr. Bill recently converted his active reserve status to full active duty. His favorite prior position was audio engineer/sound designer for America's longest-running (but now defunct) interactive TV channel (GTE's mainStreet Interactive Television). The terrific people he worked with in that job gave him an accelerated education in computers, sound recording, music composition, graphics and web design. Mr Bill has also worked as a freelance editor, cameraman, grip and production assisitant for a number of film and video production companies. He's worked as a satellite uplink technician, bookseller, portrait photographer and short order cook. He ran his own part-time multi-media production company and produced a weekly radio show for one of San Diego's largest churches. He has nearly two dozen awards for his films, videos, animation, web design, grahic arts and cartoons. He has an active interest in politics. He lives in San Diego, surrounded by a wife, two kidlets, three catlets, thousands of records, books and magazines, 750,000 Lego components and hundreds of other toys and collectibles. Oh, and a viscious, carnivorous guard creature named "Diss'm" (short for "disembowel," his favorite pastime) which the vet insists is a dog, though genetic testing has yet to confirm this. Trespassers are encouraged to "season up" with A-1 Steak Sauce before attempting to break in or abscond with anything...

Mr Bill would like to thank the following for their assistance in making this, his first website, the cool site it turned out to be:
  • Rudy™ for answering stupid novice questions at all hours of the day or night. (And for allowing the I.R.S. Corner to live in his A&M Site -- didn't know what you were getting yourself into when you agreed to that, eh?
  • Leslie Pfenninger for providing data on unreleased recordings and number gaps in the A&M era discography.
  • Cindy Nirenberg for Photoshop and Polyview tips and pointers (and the gracious use of her Mavica for LP scans back in the earliest days of this site).
  • Matt Mary for the scans and the GIF vs. JPG vs. TIF lessons... and his acerbic wit!
  • David Thompson for advice and assistance on initial forays into Adobe PhotoShop and stimulating socio-political debate & discussion.
  • Maurice "Moe" Sallave for assisting with javascript and "bug tweakage." Yuh. Okay. I tell you Erryting. He looka lika man...
  • And last but not least, Super-Genius Tony Robinson for the Photoshop lessons, computer tips and everything else.
  • Mr Bill also needs to thank not only Miles Copeland III for creating I.R.S. Records but also Jay Boberg and all the I.R.S. Staffers for giving us music that helped make the 80s the greatest decade of the 20th century. Particular thanks are owed to those staffers who've written kind words of encouragement, constructive criticism and provided crucial information -- you all know who you are!
  • ...And of course, love, thanks, hugs and kisses to Christie, Karsin and Bobby!

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