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The A&M CornerThis is our "Big Sister Site." If you love A&M Records (especially the classics) you won't want to miss this site! Your humble webmeister, Mr. Bill, spends as much time there as he does here! A great place to get in touch with other fans of A&M (and associated labels) around the world!
The Ark 21 web site. Check out IRS Founder Miles Copeland III's newest label. It's the home of Belinda Carlisle, Waylon Jennings, Human League and many others! is the site to go to to check the validity of any online (or other) rumors you may hear. It is the ultimate Urban Legend resource. Before you forward that pleading email about the missing kid, check it out here. Before you believe you'll get a free pass to Disneyland just by forwarding an email, check it out here. Before you start saving soda can poptops to get a dying kid a new kidney, check it out here.
Jump The is a lot of fun. Details inside...
Where's George? allows you to track your paper currency as it generates economic activity around the world...
Terry Sharkie's Zolo page. Learn what it means to be "Zolo."
Lydia's 80s page is now Lydia's Fork In The Road page -- not so 80s anymore, but it's still a swell site and a great place to reminisce about the best decade of Mr Bill's life!
Shockwave is one of Mr Bill's favorite "time-wasters." Do the "Daily Jigsaw" -- Mr Bill's once-a-day "brainfix"...
At Atom Films' site you can see all sorts of great short films and animations. The Star Wars page alone is enogh to tickle your funny bone for hours on end!
Jack L Chalker's web site. Chalker is Mr Bill's favorite SF writer. Read a sample chapter from his latest book, find out what's going on as the merger mania hitting Music is also happening in publishing. Writers like Chalker and your favorite authors need your support!
The 80's Server is another swell place to go for all things 80s! Trivia, info, music, movies, TV -- you name it, it's here! is a must for fans of Sick Toilet Humor. Not suitable for kids! (Well BIG kids are okay, I guess)...

Mr. Bill's favorite Talk Radio Junkie links:

Art Bell is one of Mr Bill's favorite radio talk shows. Unfortunately Mr Bell has "retired" again. Who knows how long he'll be gone this time? While the "new" or "fill-in" hosts are rarely as entertaining as Mr. Bell, the show still goes where traditional talk radio dares not tread. UFOs, bigfoot, chupacabra, time travel, Area 51, faces on Mars and "remote viewing" -- these are just a few of the topics explored on Art's show. These topics both amuse and intrigue Mr Bill, a talkradio junkie since the early 90s.
Bill Handel, KFI Los Angeles' morning man.
Rush Limbaugh, the man who singlehandedly revived the AM talk format.
Michael Medved, fast becoming Mr Bill's favorite talkshow.
Roger Hedgecock, the "radio mayor" of San Diego.
Hugh Hewitt, the guy "so nice they nearly named him twice."
John & Ken, LA's afternoon hothead & wuss.
Phil Hendrie, the wackiest show on radio!
Mr. KABC, (formerly Mr. KFI), second only to Phil Hendrie in fun factor.
Matt Drudge; News as only the guy who broke the "Hide The Cigar" story can report it!
Glenn Beck is the funniest talk show host in years. He has now gone national!
Jesus Christ -- it's not what you think -- it's Mr Bill's childhood chum Neil Saavedra giving straying and doubting listeners guidance and focus on the work and word of the lord...

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