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Todd Barnes T.S.O.L.

T.S.O.L. drummer Todd Barnes
T.S.O.L. drummer Todd Barnes

Stiv Bator(s) Lords Of The New Church

Stive Bator
Stive Bator(s), circa 1983.

Randy California guitarist

Master guitarist Randy California
Randy California

Chas Chandler The Animals

Chas Chandler
Animals Bassist Chas Chandler

Miki Cottrell Fashion Producer and "extra" band member

Miki Cotrell
Fashion Producer Miki Cottrell

Dik Davis Fashion

Dik Davis
Dik Davis, Fashion drummer, circa 1979.

Nigel Dixon Havana 3AM

Rob 'Graves' Ritter, Gun Club bassist.
No Picture Available

Sta(i)n Fairrington NBJ

Sta(i)n Fairrington, 1984
Sta(i)n Fairrington, NBJ Bassist, Summer, 1984.

Rev. Howard Finster R.E.M. Cover Artist

Reverend Howard Finster
R.E.M. Cover Artist Reverend Howard Finster.

Rory Gallagher Singer-Guitarist

Singer Guitarist Rory Gallagher
Singer-Guitarist Rory Gallagher.

Barbie Goodrich Skafish

Barbie Goodrich
Barbie Goodrich, Skafish vocalist and cheerleader.

Bob Greenlee RootBoy Slim co-conspirator

Rootboy Slim Associate Bob Greenlee
Bob Greenlee, Founder of King Snake Records and Rootboy Slim Cohort.

Bryan Gregory The Cramps

Bryan Gregory
Bryan Gregory, Cramps guitarist, circa 1979.

Martin Hannett Producer

Punk New Wave producer Martin Hannett
Martin Hannett, Buzzcocks and Magazine Producer .

Peter Ivers ERASERHEAD Tunesmith

Peter Ivers
Peter Ivers, host of New Wave New Wave Theatre and "In Heaven" Singer/Songwriter...

Kirsty MacColl Singer Extraordinaire

Singer Kirsty MacColl
Singer Kirsty MacColl

Foster MacKenzie III aka Root Boy Slim

Rootboy Slim (Foster MacKenzie III)
Foster MacKenzie III in his "Root" persona and glasses...

John McGeoch Magazine Guitarist

John McGeoch of Magazine
Innovative guitarist John McGeoch of Magazine (and later, Siouxsie & the Banshees)

Mark Moreland Wall Of Voodoo

Mark Moreland
Mark Moreland, Wall of Voodoo guitarist, circa 1982...

Joe Nanini Wall Of Voodoo

Joe Nanini
Joe Nanini, Wall of Voodoo percussionist, circa 1982...

Klaus Nomi Dual-voiced German Singer & Bowie protege

Klaus Nomi
Klaus Nomi, circa 1981...

Jeffrey Lee Pierce Gun Club

Jeffrey Lee Pierce
Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Gun Club frontman.

Rob "Graves" Ritter Gun Club

Rob 'Graves' Ritter, Gun Club bassist.
No Picture Available

Dave Rowberry The Animals

Dave Rowberry
Dave Rowberry, Animals keyboardist.

Ron Scarselli I.R.S. Illustrator, Designer And Layout Artist

Ron Scarselli, Artist extraordinaire.
No Picture Available

Will Shatter Flipper

Will Shatter
Will Shatter, original Flipper frontman.

Alan R Splet ERASERHEAD Sound Designer

Sound genius Alan R Splet
Lynchian Sound genius Alan R. Splet

Kim Turner Police Road Manager & Sound Technician

Kim Turner as a teen drummer circa 1971
Kim Turner as a teen drummer, circa 1971

Simon Wilde D.O.A.

Simon Wilde, D.O.A. bassist.
No Picture Available

David Wiley Human Hands

David Wiley, Human Hands vocalist.
No Picture Available

Kevin Wilkinson Squeeze

Kevin Wilkinson
Kevin Wilkinson, Squeeze drummer.

Roly Wynne Ozric Tentacles

Roly Wynne, Ozric Tentacles bassist.
No Picture Available

Annelle Zingarelli NBJ

Annelle Zingarelli, NBJ vocalist
Annelle Zingarelli, NBJ Vocalist, 1983

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