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Kindred Spirit started life as the short-lived SmashBox, an all-female "super-group" consisting of ex-Go-Go Gina Schock, ex- Bangle Debbi Peterson, Mineapolis fem-duo Wendy & Lisa and B-52's bassist Sara Lee. This line-up didn't last too long (creative differences) and by the time Miles Copeland signed them to I.R.S. only Gina and Debbi remained. Shortly after they began writing and recording their debut album, Gina left.

Debbi auditioned for new partners, selecting Siobhan Maher, former lead vocalist of The River City People

It was at this point that the duo changed the name of the band to Kindred Spirit. Their first record, asingle of the Peterson/Schock penned "Here In My Eyes," was released in 1992 and they opened for Joan Armatrading on her tour that year. After the tour they headed to the studio to finish their debut album.

Originally slated for a February, 1993 release, the record was held up by a lawsuit foisted on the duo by Gina Schock. At issue was the planned inclusion of several of the tunes co-written by Debbi and Gina. Gina wanted to "regain control of her material." Finally, in June of 1995, after all the legal issues had been worked out, Kindred Spirit's debut album finally hit the shelves. Unfortunately, with little or no promotion and a single receiving no airplay, sales were not swift. Within a year Kindred Spirit, along with dozens of other I.R.S. acts, was without a label as I.R.S. shut its doors for good...


This discography will cover only KINDRED SPIRIT's recordings for I.R.S. Records. Recordings for other labels, other recordings, solo recordings and guest appearances, may be mentioned in the biography or discography, but details can be found by visiting some of the cool links for KINDRED SPIRIT, below...

Albums & EPs

Kindred Spirit's first Album KINDRED SPIRIT
IRS 13170 (Released 6 Jun 1995)

CD & Cassette.

Produced by Kindred Spirit (except * produced by Humberto Gatica and + produced by Christian Nesmith & Kindred Spirit
Engineered by John Carter, Ray Kennedy & Alex Rodriguez
Arrangements by Phil Shenale
Mixed by Ray Kennedy
Mastered at Mastermix, Nashville, TN
Photography by John Ragel

Siobhan Maher vocals
Debbi Peterson vocals & percussion
Phil Shenale keyboards & programming
Christian Nesmith, Rob Allen, Hank Linderman & Michael Thompson guitars
Bruce Witkin bass & guitar
Claude Gaudette keyboards & programming
Eric Pressley bass
Ray Kennedy Mandolin
Background vocals The Harmony Pigs (Kindred Spirit)

Track Listing:

  1. Ask Me No Questions (Peterson/Maher) + 3:13
  2. Weight Of The World (Peterson/Maher) 4:33
  3. Gravity (Peterson/Maher) 4:37
  4. What Are We Waiting For (Peterson/Maher) 3:44
  5. The Devil (Peterson/Maher) 4:12
  6. Here In My Eyes(Peterson/Schock) * 4:44
  7. Can't Wait For You (Peterson/Maher) 4:33
  8. Memories Run Deep (Peterson/Maher) 4:39
  9. Fear Of Falling (Peterson/Maher) 4:12
  10. I Still Want You (Peterson/Maher) 4:53
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Kindred Spirit: First Single "Here In My Eyes"/"Poppies In A Field Of Corn"
IRS #### (Released 1992)

Produced by Humberto Gatica & Kindred Spirit
CD Single adds: "Ask Me No Questions" and "Ask Me No Questions (acapella version)"

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Kindred Spirit: 2nd Single "Ask Me No Questions"/"Ask Me No Questions (acapella version)"
IRS #### (Released 1995)

Produced by Christian Nesmith & Kindred Spirit
CD Single adds: "Sleepless Nights" (F & D Bryant) and "Here Comes Trouble" (Peterson/Ingleheart)

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Compilations & Soundtracks

MOTHER & CHILD (35173) includes "Christmas Lullabye"


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