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  • Why don't you reissue xxx? Can you send me a copy of xxx?: No. This website is NOT an official website of the now defunct I.R.S. label, nor is it affiliated with any of the labels that distributed I.R.S. during it's 17-year life...
  • I am in a band and we totally rock! Can I send a demo? And to whose attention should I send it?: Sure! Go ahead and send me a tape. I'll probably enjoy it, but it's not going to get you signed to a label and most assuredly not to I.R.S. since the label folded in 1996.
  • Can I use an image off your website?: This is a trick question. If you send me a polite request and agree to give the I.R.S. Corner a credit I will in all likelyhood gladly grant permission. However, if you decide to "borrow" with a "right click save picture as", I'll be curmudgeonly toward both you and your website. So let's be nice, ask and ye shall receive -- sort of a mutual appreciation thing!
  • Can I link to your website?: Not so tricky, this question. By all means link to my site. If you do, please let me know so I can provide a courtesy link to your site as well. I just ask that any site linked be porn-free with a minimal amount of other objectionable material.
  • If you're not the official website, where do you get your information?: As an "information" website we try to at least "double source" our data, that is find information that is the same in at least two places. With more obscure artists this is not always possible, and we appreciate corrections (and fix them in subsequent updates). A more specific answer to your question is: Most information is taken from the recordings themselves. Additional material comes from I.R.S. PR and A&R materials, Billboard Magazine, Cashbox Magazine, Music Connection Magazine, BAM, LA Weekly and LA Reader (and other regional papers). Websites used for source info include www.allmusic.com, cdnow.com and other online sources. Finally, a wealth of material has been provided by I.R.S. artists and staffers who have found this site...
  • How do you support the I.R.S. Records Corner?: I'm glad you asked! Since it's inception three years ago, the I.R.S. Corner has been a labor of love by a dedicated I.R.S. Records fan. The satisfaction in providing info and getting feedback from other fans and I.R.S. staffers keeps the site going AND growing. It IS growing into a daunting task as it expands, so if you want to know what you can do to help, just order music via the CDNow links throughout the site. Mr Bill gets a kickback from every purchase. Or just use the email link above and ask for the snail mail address so you can send your contribution (check, cash or stamps)!
  • Why don't you make the images clickable so we can look at 'em BIG?: Space my friend! Right now Mr Bill's I.R.S. Corner is still sort of a part of the A&M Corner through the good graces of A&M Corner-meister Neil himself. And ol' Neil's about maxed out space-wise...
  • Will you ever add the "other side" of the record covers or images of inner sleeves?: See the answers to the previous Question!
  • Who does that crazy theme song on the homepage? And why does it sound familiar? And what the heck happened to it?: It was entitled "Theme For Kinetic Ritual" and was used as the theme to I.R.S.'s MTV show THE CUTTING EDGE back in the '80s. It is by Klark Kent, alter-ego of a certain drummer... The theme was removed because of load time complaints from visitors with modem connections. This was further complicated by a change in newer versions of Netscape that made the Javascript (which automatically played it upon opening) lock up some computer processors. In the name of user friendliness and speed, we decided to delete it for the time being. It may return. Mr Bill is also making a video to play that he thinks most of you will find highly enjoyable... Watch for news of its debut here!
  • What happened to the picture of you & Danny Elfman that once graced your 'About Mr Bill' page?: Never fear! It's been set aside for the forthcoming Oingo Boingo page, where it will be part of an interactive "slide show." In the meantime, enjoy the picture of Mr. Bill among a small portion of his I.R.S. collection! It is one of the rare pictures of him with a beard -- he was on a long hiatus from the Reserves and is normally clean shaven!
  • What programs and stuff do you use to run the site?: Mr Bill is not a fan of Frontpage or any other web design software that generates its own code to give you what you want. Yep, that's right. Mr Bill designs the site one page at a time from scratch in raw html code in notepad or wordpad. For the graphics, though, he uses Photoshop and Polyview. For sound it's Syntrillium's CoolEdit. Another favorite tool is the free download of Extensis' Photo Bevel, a Photoshop filter plug-in. Most fonts are from Acidfonts.com and covers and photos were either scanned on a variety of scanners (Mustek, Visioneer or, at present, an HP) or photographed (covers too big for a scanner) with a Sony Mavica or, presently, a Fuji Finepix 1300. The site has been built over several computers since 1999: a Pentium running Windows 95, a Pentium II laptop running Windows 98 & 98SE and, at present, a Pentium III running Windows 2000. The site is hosted at Pair Networks, affordable high-quality web-hosting.
  • Are you still mad I stood you up at the Winter Dance back in 77?: Ummm... Next Question please...

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