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Barry Diamond is a stand-up comedian and actor who rose to some degree of prominence in the 1980s. He got a major career-boost after IRS head-honcho Miles Copeland III saw one of Diamond's shows and "...laughed his ass off." Copeland immediately signed the comedian to a recording contract and became his manager landing him bit parts in films like GET CRAZY and NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CLASS REUNION and eventually featured parts in two films, BACHELOR PARTY (1984) and GROSS JOKES (1985). (The Soundtrack to BACHELOR PARTY was an IRS release.)

Barry Diamond had recurring roles on the TV Shows Bosom Buddies and into the 90s on Seinfeld (as "Buckles" the obnoxious comedian) and Friends. He was a regular cast member on The Half Hour Comedy Hour (1983) and Robert Townsend's groundbreakingly different, but shortlived, Fox Variety Show, Townsend Television (1993). He also lended his voice talents to Bebe's Kids (1992).

Mr. Diamond is still doing stand-up but primarily works in television making infrequent guest appearances. He also has supported our troops by touring as part of the USO's travelling entertainment shows (a la Bob Hope). Mr Bill, being a Navy man himself, is proud and thankful to Mr. Diamond for such efforts!


This discography will cover only BARRY DIAMOND's recordings for IRS Records. Recordings for other labels, other recordings, solo recordings and guest appearances, may be mentioned in the biography or discography, but details can be found by visiting some of the cool links for BARRY DIAMOND, below...

Albums & EPs

IRS SP 70035 (Released 7 Jun 1983)

Vinyl & Cassette.

Produced by Miles Copeland III
Directed by Stewart Copeland
Personal Appearances by Ian Copeland
Light Show by Derek Power
Engineered by Paul McKenna
Recorded Live At The Comedy Store on Sunset Strip
Mixed at Telstar, Burbank and A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA
Art Direction by Carl Grasso
Special Thanks to: Mitzi Shore, Harris Peet, Phil Singher, Rick Meyerwitz, Tom Leopold, Bruce Springsteen and The Police

Track Listing:

  1. What Pisses Me Off
  2. How I Got Started In Showbiz
  3. The South Bronx
  4. Gay Whale Hunting In Hawaii
  5. Live And Let Live
  6. Killed My Girlfriend
  7. Everything Except The...
  8. Nuclear Missile Silo Repairman
  9. Tribute To The Boss
  10. Health, Money, Herpes
  11. College In Peru
  12. Fighter Pilot
  13. My House After The Show

Though much of the material here may sound dated, this LP delivers many a good laugh. Barry Diamond is a master of voice characterization and switches fluidly from South Bronxian African-American to West Hollywood Homosexual to Southern Redneck and back again. A few of the jokes may be "old," but it is Mr Diamond's delivery and use of character that gives them new life (as the aforementioned Bronxian, he asks an audience member, "My man, could I have a cigarette, please... I left mine in the machine.")

The best routines are "What Pisses Me Off" and "Gay Whale Hunting In Hawaii." "Everything Except The..." which closes out side one is a hoot, but don't let the kids listen! On side two he belts out an imitation of Springsteen that sounds so authentic you'll want to listen twice ("Tribute To The Boss").

The Album was recorded live at Mitzi Shore's Comedy Store On Sunset Strip, starting point of practically anyone who is anyone in the world of comedy.

This LP was the first to carry the moniker of the (then) newly founded film/television arm of Miles Copeland's media empire, "CCCP." "CCCP" stood for Copeland, Copeland, Copeland and Power. This production division was housed in the same building as Miles' Los Angeles-based management concern, LAPD (Los Angeles Personnel Direction).

Compilations & Soundtracks

HEARING AIDS (No #): Mr Diamond provides the Intro, Outro and two brief intermissions, each in one of the many characters from his vast and wacky stable...


Sadly, there are not very many websites with a Barry Diamond presence. Such a funny guy deserves more recognition! For now he has to bubble under with the "almost theres" like Craig Shoemaker, The Amazing Jonathan or the late Dennis Wolfsberg (three more of your humble webmeister's favorite funny guys). Belive it or not there are MORE Barry Diamonds out there, including a Country Music DJ, a rabbi, an online computer radio talk-show host, an art dealer, a Texas jeweler and a Chamber of Commerce president in Trumbull, Connecticut!
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