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The Bolshoi formed in Leeds, England in 1983. Founding members Trevor Tanner (guitar/vocals) and Jan Kalicki (drums) soon recruited Nick Chown (bass) and by 1984 they found themselves opening for such acts as The Cult, Lords Of The New Church and Wall Of Voodoo. On the merits of these performances and the success of their first independently released single, "Sob Story", they were soon signed to I.R.S. Records.

Their debut IRS release was the EP Giants in early 1986, which included the song "Happy Boy". Critics responded positively to The Bolshoi, saying, "Strong on broody melodies, driven along by forceful rhythms and crashing splinters of trebly guitar, all showing enough fire and ambition to crash through the dark undergrowth of the post-punk jungle... admirable stuff." And, "The Bolshoi have vision and lyrical flair - a refreshing alternative to some of the rancid pap that currently clogs up the charts." That appeal they had with critics, unfortuantley did not translate to the music-buying public. Bands such as The Bolshoi that were trying to fill the gap between the fading "Punk/New Wave" culture and the rising "Grunge" movement were hard pressed to find an audience.

Later in 1986 the trio expanded into a quartet adding Paul Clark on keyboards and recording their first full-length LP, Friends. The lead tune, "A Way" became a critical success and even managed some chart action. The accompanying video was also put in heavy rotation on MTV's 120 Minutes. Trevor Tanner's mesmerising stage presence combined with his superior writing skills revealed a dark and pensive tone in his compositions, touching on subjects most would otherwise choose not to explore. They succeeded in doing this by mixing dark subjects with moderately amusing melodies, memorable choruses and a clearly danceable beat.

Trevor Tanner Nick Chown Jan Kalicki Paul Clark
The BOLSHOI (L to R): Trevor Tanner, Nick Chown, Jan Kalicki and Paul Clark...

Despite critical success in the music press, the MTV exposure and the minor success of "A Way" sales of the LP were lacklustre and IRS let The Bolshoi go. A year later they put out their final album (on RCA), Lindy's Party. Soon after the band split up. Trevor Tanner continues to have the occaisional independent project, but The Bolshoi are now part of post-punk music history, a bright spot in the otherwise vapid "Goth" movement of the late 1980s.


This discography will cover only THE BOLSHOI's recordings for I.R.S. Records. Recordings for other labels, other recordings, solo recordings and guest appearances, may be mentioned in the biography or discography, but details can be found by visiting some of the cool links for THE BOLSHOI, below...

Albums & EPs

Giants Cover GIANTS
IRS 39058 (Released 1986)

Vinyl & Cassette

Produced by The Bolshoi & Lawrence Burridge
Cover By Carl Grasso & Ron Scarselli
©1985 Situation Two

Trevor Tanner Vocals & Guitar
Nick Chown Bass
Jan Kalicki Drums

Track Listing:

  1. Happy Boy (Bolshoi/Tanner) 4:26
  2. Fly (Bolshoi/Tanner) 3:53
  3. Sliding Seagull (Bolshoi/Tanner) 4:54
  4. Giants (Bolshoi/Tanner) 4:55
  5. By The River (Bolshoi/Tanner) 5:42
  6. Hail Mary (Bolshoi/Tanner) 4:10


Friends Cover FRIENDS
IRS 5814(Released 1986)

Vinyl and Cassette

Produced & Engineered by Mick Glossop for the Smoothside Organisation
Assisted by Noel Harris, Richard Whaley and Damien Askeo-Brown
Recorded at Townhouse Three
Mixed at The Good Earth (cuts 1 & 7 Mixed at The Garden Master Rock)
Sleeve by The Cream Group
Photos by Alan King, Royston
Mastered by Frank DeLuna at A&M, Los Angeles

Trevor Tanner Vocals & Guitar
Nick Chown Bass
Paul Clark Keyboards
Jan Kalicki Drums

Track Listing:

  1. A Way (Tanner/Bolshoi) 4:53
  2. Modern Man (Tanner/Bolshoi) 5:34
  3. Someone's Daughter (Tanner/Bolshoi) 4:01
  4. Sunday Morning (Tanner/Bolshoi) 6:33
  5. Looking For A Life To Lose (Tanner/Bolshoi) 4:42
  6. Romeo In Clover (Call Girl) (Tanner/Bolshoi) 5:38
  7. Books On The Bonfire (Tanner/Bolshoi) 4:56
  8. Pardon Me (Tanner/Bolshoi) 4:37
  9. Fat And Jealous (Tanner/Bolshoi) 4:10
  10. Waspy (Tanner/Bolshoi) 4:10


Friends/Giants Cover FRIENDS/GIANTS
IRS 42027 (Released 1990)

CD Only

Omnibus CD comprising both their IRS releases. See individual credits above for Production Credits

Trevor Tanner Vocals & Guitar
Nick Chown Bass
Paul Clark Keyboards (except tracks 1-5)
Jan Kalicki Drums

Track Listing:

  1. Happy Boy (Bolshoi/Tanner) 4:26
  2. Fly (Bolshoi/Tanner) 3:53
  3. Giants (Bolshoi/Tanner) 4:55
  4. By The River (Bolshoi/Tanner) 5:42
  5. Hail Mary (Bolshoi/Tanner) 4:10
  6. A Way (Tanner/Bolshoi) 4:53
  7. Modern Man (Tanner/Bolshoi) 5:34
  8. Someone's Daughter (Tanner/Bolshoi) 4:01
  9. Sunday Morning (Tanner/Bolshoi) 6:33
  10. Looking For A Life To Lose (Tanner/Bolshoi) 4:42
  11. Romeo In Clover (Call Girl) (Tanner/Bolshoi) 5:38
  12. Pardon Me (Tanner/Bolshoi) 4:37
  13. Fat And Jealous (Tanner/Bolshoi) 4:10


Compilations & Soundtracks

WE'VE GOT CONVENTION FEVER (IRS-86fvr): features "A Way" and "Happy Boy."


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