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Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer Henry Badowski is a veteran of many bands of the punk & new wave era. The first band of note that he became a member of was Gene October's Chelsea (arguably the very first punk band) where he was a bassist. Then he went on to join Wreckless Eric's band (notable tune: "Whole Wide World"). Henry also played (however briefly) with Alternative TV. He was a temporary member of The Damned and then launched a solo career in 1979, with a couple singles...

1st UK single 2nd UK Single 3rd UK Single German 'My Face' Single
(L to R: Three of Henry's UK Singles, on A&M UK. And a German version of
"My Face" featuring "Lamb To The Slaughter" on the B-side...

The first, "Baby, Sign Here With Me" b/w "Making Love With My Wife", did well enough to be picked up by A&M UK (it was DFC11, a "Deptford Fun City Record" -- one of Miles Copeland's labels). "Making Love..." is notable because on this one Henry played ALL the instruments.

This single was followed by "My Face" b/w "Four More Seasons". Note that the b-sides of these UK Singles are non-LP tracks, though "Making Love..." is the US B-side of Henry's only US Single (Confused? It'll make sense later)... "Four More Seasons" is a strange instrumental collaboration (with violinist Aleksander Kolkowski) in four acts... And his full-length LP followed from which a third single "Henry's In Love" was drawn. Alas, sales warranted no follow-up and Henry, in love or otherwise, was never heard from again in solo form...

Mr Bill would like to thank Daniel Silverman for additional input and information on this page and the
scan of Henry's third UK single. And a nod of thanks to Rob Keith for the German 45 scan and info!


This discography will cover only HENRY BADOWSKI's recordings for I.R.S. Records. Recordings for other labels, other recordings, solo recordings and guest appearances, may be mentioned in the biography or discography, but details can be found by visiting some of the cool links for HENRY BADOWSKI, below...

Albums & EPs

Life Is A Grand LIFE IS A GRAND...
IRS SP70601 (Released 4 Aug 1981)

Vinyl Only

Produced by Henry Badowski & Wally Brill
Engineered by Wally Brill & Simon Smart
Art Direction by Michael Ross
Photography by Andrew Douglas
Cover Photo Treatment by Roy Snell
Cover Photographed at Levens Hall, Cumbria

Henry Badowski: Voice, Saxaphones, Bass, Keyboards and Percussion
James Stevenson: Guitar & Bass
Aleksander Kolkowski: Violins
Dave Berk: Drums

Track Listing:

  1. My Face (Badowski) 3:20
  2. Henry's In Love (Badowski) 3:09
  3. Swimming With The Fish In The Sea (Badowski) 4:46
  4. The Inside Out (Badowski) 3:27
  5. Life Is A Grand (Badowski) 3:44
  6. Silver Trees (Badowski) 3:34
  7. This Was Meant To Be (Badowski) 3:50
  8. Anywhere Else (Badowski/Stevenson) 3:54
  9. Baby, Sign Here With Me (Badowski) 3:50
  10. Rampant (Badowski) 4:09
This is perhaps the most relaxing album to come from I.R.S.. And that is not a putdown! This is one terrific LP. It is unfortuante that there was no more Henry Badowski records after this. Some critics considered Mr. Badowski's "self recording" (a misnomer as he had other musicians on most cuts) an "exercise in self gratuity." But I have to disagree.

Almost all the songs are engagingly catchy, lyrically silly yet memorable but, above all, well produced. The quirky "My Face", with its unabashed self-reflection leads off side one. This tune was Henry's first (and only) US single. Both sides close with dynamic instrumentals: "Life Is A Grand..." the elipsis of three periods leading the listener to wonder, "a grand what?". And "Rampant" on side two. Other fun tunes are "Swimming With The Fish In The Sea", about, well, swimming with fish in the sea! Kinda like "Octopus's Garden" on Prozac... "Baby, Sign Here With Me" which celebrates the pre-nuptial agreement as you've never heard it before. There's not a bad song on the whole album and Mr Bill highly recommends it!

Drums on the LP were played by (uncredited) Dave Berk. SP70601 was originally scheduled to be an IRS collection called DOING TIME ON VINYL which, ultimately was never released, though it may have become IRS GREATEST HITS, VOL 1.


9013/9902 Sleeve "My Face"/"Making Love With My Wife"*
IRS IR9013 (Released 8 Aug 1980)

Re-Released as IR9902 on 6 Aug 1981)
Produced by Henry Badowski & Wally Brill
Executive Producer on * Mark Perry (A Deptford Fun City Recording)
Photos & Sleeve Design by Carl Grasso

Henry Badowski Vocals, Keyboards & Saxaphone (and All Instruments on *)
James Stevenson: Guitar & Bass
Aleksander Kolkowski: Violins
Dave Berk: Drums

"My Face" (Henry's second UK single) was the first US Badowski record. Released in the Summer of 1980 as IR9013, it was reissued in conjunction with the LP in 1981 as IR9902 (Other than the record number, there is no difference between the two versions). I've already sung the praises of the A-side. The non-LP B-side is the fun track! Songs about monogamy are few and far between, but this one is the cat's meow (sorry for the cliche, but I'm being honest here)! The "Making Love..." UK Single (and the version of it collected on Virgin's MACHINE MUSIC) are longer due to a fabulous extended violin solo openning...

The sleeve features images taken off a video monitor, from the shooting of a music video for "My Face".

Compilations & Soundtracks

I.R.S. GREATEST HITS, VOL 1 (IRS SP70950) includes "My Face"
I.R.S. GREATEST HITS, VOLS 2 & 3 (IRS SP70800) includes "Baby, Sign Here With Me"


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